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How we conduct our work:

Famous brands we have implemented the projects for:

Our clients:

Recent logotypes:

+ 71 projects

+ 94 projects

+ 114 projects

Our advantages:

Phone N.: +91-976-977-26-74

E-mail: main@rightart.net

In our practice we have worked on both the most basic tasks (such as rendering of business cards) and major federal projects. We are not afraid of taking orders as we feel confident about our expertise regarding major and minor tasks.

Lower price while
maintaining the quality

As our staff members work remotely and just a small part of them work in the office, we save on overhead costs and it allows us to set satisfying prices for our clients. What is more, our work is organized with project management system that lets us control the quality and time frames!

Systematic client

Volume and complexity of the project
are of no significance 

Over time our customers started coming systematically, by word of mouth which allowed us not to include advertisement costs in the price. Seeing the quality of work, our clients started to recommend us to their colleagues and business partners which greatly increased the amount of orders without big investment into advertising.


Do you want to develop a logo, a website or just refresh your design and company style? Get in touch – we will tell you what can be improved! For free

Thank! We will contact you! Stay in touch.

Phone N.: +91-976-977-26-74

E-mail: main@rightart.net

Initially, we worked as separate teams and individual designers scattered worldwide.

We are the team of experts from different cities in the world. Having dedicated our life to design, we have addressed our clients’ needs for 10 years now!

Step 5

Step 4

We send you intermediate
results for control

We make an assessment, discuss implementation ideas

We work out
a technical

Send us your
wishes on
your project

Step 3

Step 2

Step 1

We provide
you with ready

Our expertise -

rendering of design projects

   Polygraphic designs
   Corporate design 
   Brand books 
   Complex technical interfaces

… + and much more

However, by joining our forces, the project Right Art, which is a design studio currently working in Russia, CIS and abroad, came into being.

10 years

from 1 Day


Recent polygraphy:

of experience in design

Websites and their content:


 We take orders

from all parts

of the world online!




implemented projects

a time-frame for implementation

Thank! We will contact you! Stay in touch.

There are a lot of clients who have become close to us. Trusting their projects to us, they get pleasant bonuses. For instance, in case our “old” partners want a logo design, they can get a free modification of corporate design, a new design of polygraphy and other gifts. We realize the more successful our partners are, the more actively they order design projects.

Do you have a project? Send all the info. We will tell you what to improve.


Working with customers from other countries, we understand the latest trends and adopt new ideas for implementation in our clients’ projects. In our design projects you can see Russian deep soul, French charm, German preciseness, Japanese technological effectiveness and other foreign fashion styles. Since design trends come from abroad, you get one of the most brand-new designs

Bonuses to constant

In our work we stick to a clear principle of leading to the result. Together with our clients we work on a technical task, set the direction for development and send intermediate steps of implementation. This format helps clients understand what they will get at the end.